Climacontrol deals with the construction of air conditioning, heating, air treatment and humidity control systems both for medium power setups and for large scale industrial and production plants.

Climacontrol’s approach is to suggest the use of low consumption and low environmental impact solutions, including heat pumps, geothermal plants and the use of alternative energies.
Plant engineering dedicated to air conditioning and air treatment requires specialised technical and manual workers, a philosophy that has always distinguished the company.

Climacontrol deals with design, construction, installation and after-sales assistance for:

  • summer and winter air conditioning systems for environments of all kinds
  • air treatment systems for industrial premises and environments
  • air extraction systems for industrial environments and processes
  • specific heat treatment systems for industrial and food production processes
  • dehumidification and humidification systems for production environments and processes
  • air treatment units for production environments and processes
  • special air treatment machinery for industrial food production processes